WordPress Services

BLOG MIGRATION:  This is one of my biggest services.  I apply Best Practices for migrating posts, comments, themes, feature settings, images, uploads, etc. from places like Blogger/BlogSpot and WordPress.com to stand-alone WordPress sites.  In addition to doing a backup before starting, I also do screen captures and take notes.

TROUBLESHOOTING:  I’ve encountered nearly every kind of “trouble” there can be within a blog, from design problems to functional problems.  If I don’t know how to fix something on first glance, I’m always able to fix it by making a closer analysis and doing research.

THEME CONFIGURATION:  I can configure and customize some of the most advanced themes out there, including things like the Revolution themes.  I can make it truly your own by customizing which static pages to include, assign categories to the different tabs, replace their graphics with yours and more.

NEW INSTALLATIONS:  I can install WordPress on your server and configure it to your specifications, then install your choice of themes, plug-ins, and more.

TRAFFIC GENERATOR:  A Traffic Generator Package is a package of plug-ins and services to assist in your SEO efforts.  See The Traffic Generator Package for complete details and rates.

WIDGETS:  I can write simple customized widgets, including widgets performing PHP functions.  I can also register additional sidebars within the functions file so that you can have more than one widgetized sidebar.

PLUG-INS:  I can upload and configure your plug-ins to your specifications, ironing out any conflicts or issues they might cause with the functionality/appearance of your blog.

ANYTHING ELSE:  Just ask!  I am constantly adding to and advancing my skills, and I read up on WordPress daily at WordPress.org to stay up-to-date on the latest issues and happenings.  Need to know about WordPress as it relates to your blog?  Just ask.  If I don’t know, I’ll find out!