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WordPress HelpTroubleshooting WordPress can be maddening if you don’t have a lot of experience with HTML, CSS, PHP and the WordPress Platform.

When your blog isn’t working right, it’s not always clear what the problem is or where it’s originating. Is it layout? Is it a function code? Is it being caused by the style sheet, the PHP file or a file specific to a certain widget or plug-in? It’s not always clear, and trying to track down the problem by trial and error can not only be exhausting, it can cause other problems along the way.

That’s where an expert comes in. I have a great deal of experience troubleshooting a wide variety of issues that can come up while working with WordPress. I work quickly, efficiently and cleanly – Bringing you peace of mind that your problem will be solved, and you can move on with the business of running your business and/or your blog!

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