WordPress Developer Sherry Dedman

Sherry DedmanHi, I’m Sherry – Welcome to Blog Solace! Blog Solace is a site for people seeking answers to WordPress problems. I currently keep a blog, a few tutorials and plan to start a forum in the near future. I’m a WordPress web developer, troubleshooter, hacked site saver, and all-around WordPress Mechanic!

Additionally, I do installations, configuration of themes, installation and configuration of WordPress plugins, solve layout issues unique to WordPress and more. I occasionally also do website maintenance, CSS layout coding, SEO improvements and the occasional design. I only do design if your needs are simple – coding is more my forte`! But I’m happy to work with anyone who likes my simple designs and would like to hire me.

I started the Blog Solace site because I love WordPress and love working with small businesses and individuals. I believe in WordPress’ powerful SEO capabilities and the code is amazing. Folding together the XHTML, CSS and PHP into layout, function, usability, beauty and just pure awesomeness is very gratifying to me. I very much love what I do!

I tend to concentrate on, and enjoy working with, small businesses, in addition to independent professionals such as lawyers and real estate agents. I feel my customer service, communication skills, desire to please the client 100% and self-taught hand-coding skills are the keys to my success.

I love to keep up on the latest developments at WordPress and trends across the internet.

My Linked-In Profile: http://www.linkedin.com/in/sherrydedman/

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