How To Create Descriptive Permalinks for SEO with WordPress

How To Create Descriptive Permalinks for SEO with WordPress Here is a video tutorial I made to supplement my post on Easy Blog Help about How To Create Descriptive Permalinks for SEO with WordPress … [Read more...]

How To Use The Paste From Word Feature In WordPress

Did you know that if you compose your blog entries in Word, then cut & paste them directly to your WordPress blog, you can completely bork your blog??? It can do weird little things like move your sidebar completely to the bottom of the page - that's one of the more minor things it can do. It can also make your whole blog disappear after the header! Fortunately there is a button in the "Add New Post" screen that will allow you to paste from Word without borking your blog. First you click on the button to show/hide kitchen … [Read more...]

WordPress Security Upgrade to 2.6.5

The latest WordPress release is a security fix with three bug fixes. It came out November 25, 2008 and is a recommended upgrade. But do *you* really need to upgrade? According to WordPress, the XSS security issue that prompted this upgrade, "...only affects IP-based virtual servers running on Apache 2.x." So the answer is that if your site is running on a shared server (and most sites are), the security issue won't affect your installation. The security issue only affects websites that are using a dedicated IP address (most sites are … [Read more...]

When Should I Upgrade WordPress?

People often ask me my opinion about whether/how often to upgrade WordPress. Mainly they want to know whether they need to upgrade with every single release. And if not, then what is the criteria for deciding yes or no? My basic policiy for myself is also what I recommend for my clients or anyone seeking this advice. My policy is to upgrade WordPress with every security-related recommended upgrade. If the upgrade is related to security, there is not even a question in my opinion. Do the upgrade or risk the security of your WordPress … [Read more...]

Is WordPress Right For Your Business? Blogging Seminar Next Week

Next week, November 15th, 2008, Blog Solace will be giving a seminar called Blogs and Blogging Platforms in Business at the Courtyard Hotel in Bellevue, Washington. It will cover the basic differences between bogging platforms and how regular websites are run, blogging for business, using the WordPress platform to run a regular, non-blog website, and the extensive and powerful SEO (Search Engine Optimization) capabilities of WordPress. Additionally, a short demonstration of the easy-to-update, web-interface of the WordPress administration … [Read more...]

Making Your WordPress Widgets Do More

There are approximately four levels (very basically speaking) of zen you can achieve via your widgets panel on WordPress. What you can do with your widgets depends on what you want, your skill level with xhtml and CSS and, oddly enough, a really cool plug-in (more on that when I discuss Widget Zen, Level 4). Widget Zen, Level 1: For someone very new to WordPress, it is a world of wonder when they realize they can control what appears on their sidebars! Just go to your widgets panel on your dashboard (Design -> Widgets), choose to … [Read more...]