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Traffic Generator PlugIns Package

I am not an SEO person by trade, but I do know my way around it quite a bit. I have put together a package that can greatly help your SEO efforts as pertains specifically to WordPress blogs. I make no guarantees, but this combination is almost sure to increase traffic. It includes the following:

  1. A Plug-In that optimizes the blog in several ways – Mainly, it optimizes each individual post for search engines upon creation of the post – Therefore each post is optimized, and keywords generated, for the content of that particular post.
  2. A plug-in to enforce your “www” preference – Forces your URL to either include or not include the www (your preference) so that the URL is the same everywhere you are linked and listed – this makes your incoming link count more true and has a positive effect on search engine rankings
  3. Feedburner – Sign you up and add an “RSS by E-Mail” box to your blog
  4. Google XML Sitemaps Plug-in – Creates a thorough sitemap of your entire blog, creates a robots.txt file in your root, and alerts Google, Yahoo, and every time this is updated
  5. Subscribe To Comments Plug-in – Allows commenters to subscribe to the comment thread, thus creating an opportunity/impetus for them to return to the site
  6. A plugin to optimize your Robots Meta file in a way that prevents indexing of possible duplicate content (such as monthly archives, author pages, etc) forces canonical URLs and more.
  7. Google Analytics plugin if you desire tracking.

Price for this package is $95
Contact me about multi-blog discounts or any questions you may have.

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