Jack White Video for Quantum of Solace With Alicia Keys “Another Way To Die”

Blog Solace recommends the Quantum of Solace theme by Jack White and Alicia Keys called, "Another Way To Die." Enjoy! … [Read more...]

Is WordPress Right For Your Business? Blogging Seminar Next Week

Next week, November 15th, 2008, Blog Solace will be giving a seminar called Blogs and Blogging Platforms in Business at the Courtyard Hotel in Bellevue, Washington. It will cover the basic differences between bogging platforms and how regular websites are run, blogging for business, using the WordPress platform to run a regular, non-blog website, and the extensive and powerful SEO (Search Engine Optimization) capabilities of WordPress. Additionally, a short demonstration of the easy-to-update, web-interface of the WordPress administration … [Read more...]

Making Your WordPress Widgets Do More

There are approximately four levels (very basically speaking) of zen you can achieve via your widgets panel on WordPress. What you can do with your widgets depends on what you want, your skill level with xhtml and CSS and, oddly enough, a really cool plug-in (more on that when I discuss Widget Zen, Level 4). Widget Zen, Level 1: For someone very new to WordPress, it is a world of wonder when they realize they can control what appears on their sidebars! Just go to your widgets panel on your dashboard (Design -> Widgets), choose to … [Read more...]

If You Want To Do It, There Is Probably A Word-Press Plug-In For It!

Almost anything you want to do to your WordPress blog can be done via a plug-in. And plug-ins do things more cleanly and efficiently than a "hack" or inserting third party code yourself about 99.9% of the time. For instance, if you have a Google Analytics account and want to add that code to your blog, there is a plug-in for that. Why use a plug-in instead of adding the code to the footer.php file as seems only natural? Because not all themes are created equal. Because other plug-ins may be inserting code into your footer.php file and … [Read more...]

How Can I Change Links On My Web Site?

Great Question on website maintenance: Q: "Is there a 3rd party web site where I can edit a link on my site without having to go through my own site editor each time? It is just too much work to do it that way every time." A: If your site were set up on WordPress, you could use the WordPress admin panel to change this link. It has a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor and is online, thus accessible anywhere there is an internet connection. This is yet another good reason to set up a regular web site on WordPress even if … [Read more...]