How To Use The Paste From Word Feature In WordPress

Did you know that if you compose your blog entries in Word, then cut & paste them directly to your WordPress blog, you can completely bork your blog??? It can do weird little things like move your sidebar completely to the bottom of the page – that’s one of the more minor things it can do. It can also make your whole blog disappear after the header!

Fortunately there is a button in the “Add New Post” screen that will allow you to paste from Word without borking your blog.

First you click on the button to show/hide kitchen sink:

Paste from Word in WordPress post

Next you click on the “Paste From Word” button:

Paste from Word button in WordPress

Finally, just hit CTRL V to paste into the box that comes up and click on “Insert”:

Paste from Word button in WordPress

Voila! All Word code is now neutralized, and you can publish your post without borking your blog!



  1. Thanks!

    Note also that in the absence of a Word converter, pasting it into Notepad first works ok too, keeping less of the cruft that MS puts into their code. (still have to strip the smart quotes though)

    (good thing I don’t have a red/green color blindness or I couldn’t get paste the security code – first time it was red, second time it was green!)

  2. That’s true, that will work also. But doing it the way I describe above will keep your formatting for you, too.

    Thank you for the info on the red/green. I did not know that.


  3. Thanks for the info Sherry!

    That worked perfectly and held all my formatting. Looks like I can work offline now!

  4. Hey, Vinny – I’m glad it worked so well for you! Pasting from Word works really well with this method; a lot of my clients like compose their blog posts that way.

    Looking forward to reading your blog about getting ahold of finances! Happy blogging!


  5. Thanks for the post. I was having this exact problem.

    Look forward to using the paste from Word function. Do you know whether the tool will also work if you are pasting from Apple’s Word Processor Pages?